Discovering Myself in 21 Days – Day 2

Whether you are in a lock down or socially distancing, you end up spending way too much time at home. And although some people love to stay put like potted plants and get things done without having to step out at all, my daily dose of energy comes from breathing in fresh air, meeting a few familiar faces and hitting the beach.

But as luck would have it, some Wednesdays are meant to be wacky. It completely slipped my mind that the latest government measures  have announced school closure on Wednesdays. With the entire family home without any prior plan, I headed off to a rough start.

By 9a.m. the spouse and kids were all at their workstations getting through the day in pyjamas. It felt like attempting a Spartan race to me though. Every hour, I had a new challenge to face. With cooking, cleaning, managing help with homework, planning the next meal and waiting for my me time with a cup of hot tea.

I saw daylight only post lunch. That’s when my heart squealed in delight, “Seize your day!”

With nothing to look forward to, I was reminded of my mother. She is always up on time, well dressed even if she isn’t going out and makes sure her house is neat and done up. I don’t remember her losing her smile ever.

Without wasting any more time, I decided upon a transformation. I washed up, dressed up and sat down with my laptop and a cuppa o’ tea. Getting ready gave me a renewed sense of purpose that somehow got lost as I went through the past few weeks clad in pyjamas. I may not step out of the house today, but simply dressing up gave me the energy to step out into the balcony and draft my post. Guess how I feel right now?

On Cloud 9!

Today’s Lesson: Turn a new leaf everyday. Just get up, dress up and show up. So what if it’s only a walk up to the dining table.

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