Discovering Myself in 21 Days – Day 1

The world seems to be under a spell of Social Distancing, a term I never heard until 2 weeks ago. Social media seems ablaze with fly by night gurus and motivational speakers spreading ideas, sharing free resources and plans, taking the onus of keeping the world spirited and what not.

Knowing me, shying away from spreading ideas online has been a rather uphill task. But as always, I have decided to take the road less taken. While the world looks online to be entertained, to pass time, to find activities to do, to balance work and family, I have decided to go within. Isn’t this the best time to discover my own self? Not the daughter, not the wife and certainly not the mother. Just me.

How am I doing that? Well, with plenty of activities added to my daily routine, one at a time.

Day 1: Write Thank You notes to everyone in the family.

It is fascinating what came out. The children are grateful for all the love and care they have been receiving. But most importantly, they feel thankful we never give up on them. We must be doing something right. We both feel blessed to be around people who are kind and understand the need for space.

There is a bit I plan to do every single day, to count my blessings and revive the real me.

Today’s Lesson : Gratitude is the beginning.

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