Discovering Myself in 21 Days – Day 3

I start my mornings with a walk at the beach. Every morning hubby and I walk the exact same stretch. We witness the same hustle and bustle, more or less the same regular faces, the birds and the bees and undoubtedly the same rising sun. But we had slightly more time on hands today. So we picked some coffee and entered the beach park for the second time on the same day via a road less taken.

To our surprise, it was lush green, more than the stretch we are used to; we heard more birds; saw fewer people and even discovered a horse stable standing tall right next to a Neigh Cafe’.

Just one different road led to a completely different experience in a matter of 15 minutes. The atmosphere was more serene; the greens shouted ‘tranquility’ out loud. We could see neither the shore nor the sun while horses kept training with a young jockey one after another.

Sitting there in a quiet distance in the boot of our hatch back, were the two of us, wondering how a slight change in the daily routine can enhance the mood or bring about a changed perspective about what we take for granted.

Back home, I connected the dots. I converted my balcony into a cosy work space for myself. It felt beautiful. The same house, the same furniture, the same balcony – now in a new light. And as I sit down to write this post, I see colours of the setting sun; I hear children playing at the park and I smell delicious aroma of a plethora of cooking flying up from my neighbourhood. Food for thought, anyone?


Today’s Lesson: Small changes to the daily mundane can help us find novelty and happiness in familiar spaces, thoughts and ideas. Same old wine in a new bottle. The quest for change or new ends here. Even if you are under a lock down. Period.

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