Discovering Myself in 21 Days – Day 13

All my life, I have been synonymous with messy, not the Lionel kind of Messi but the one related to clutter. And I have to admit, I have always taken pride in it. When God was deciding upon my gender, I was doing shuttle runs between Mars and Venus. Confused where I belonged, He sent me to Earth, albeit forgetting to hard-wire my brain with the most commonly known feminine quality of organising and tidying up.

As a result, I always found my peace in my clutter. Not dirt, not filth, only clutter – the one that covers my table tops with my books, papers, clips and gadgets. Despite immaculately organised individuals around me all my life, I never bothered to mend my ways. Getting married or becoming a mum didn’t change me either. Fortunately, the kids take after their father.

But the recent lock down has taken its toll on me. Staying indoors 24/7 seems unbearable. When each day is nothing more than a set to chores that leads to the exact same next day; when staying messy affects my mood negatively; when simply clearing up turns into my eureka moment. A moment that gives rise to respect for Marie Kondo, a Japanese woman who rose to fame for her cleaning up and organising ideas. A woman whose thoughts I dismissed until last year.

But lately, simple decluttering and keeping spaces clean have started making me feel light. It was never more evident than this evening after some tidying up cleared my head. It brought in a fresh breath of energy and a ray of hope for things going back to normal. It made me feel positive and calm.

So shall we say goodbye clutter, hello clean tabletops?


Today’s Lesson: Decluttering is a basic necessity of life. Be it the room you inhabit or the mind. A clear mind gives birth to vibrant ideas while a cluttered one obviously leads to chaos. The choice is simple. Each time you feel stuck, spend time clearing the space around you. The feeling changes and so do you.

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