Discovering Myself in 21 Days – Day 12

Early on in life, adults around me labeled me as special and creative. As a result, I earned the license to evade routine. Routine is boring. Routine takes patience. And routine certainly isn’t exciting. But routine is the backbone of any success.

And there is no better time to realise this than now. When we are all stuck at home. During normalcy, the kids would rush to school and the better half to work. That would force me into a routine. Although I never liked it. And after forcibly going by my daily chores, I managed to cheat on some days and take off like it was a Sunday.

Truth is, the better you get at your robotic abilities, the more time you have to indulge in hobbies and let your mind on the loose. So lately we have understood that basic chores need to get out of the way, first thing every morning. Like laundry, cooking, cleaning and homework. After that, it’s time to seize the day.

So while the rest of the world is trying their hands at Dalgona coffee and exotic dishes, I am sticking to a basic palette that keeps me off the kitchen for a better part of the day and gives me time to enjoy the views, indulge in meditation, participate in contests, continue telling stories online and most of all write this journal.

Never before have I taken the time to think so sincerely about life, my own actions and their repercussions. I assumed the boring and serious always belonged to the better half. But sticking to a routine and clearing my head does seem to help. I am sure you see a halo around me now. Have you found yours?


Today’s Lesson: Routine may be boring but important. Evading it only keeps you away from that which your heart is in love with or finds leisurely. Get the mundane out of your way and embrace freedom.

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