The Year End Post 2020

Warning: If you don’t read this till the end, you will be stuck in 2020 forever.

So you didn’t see this coming? The year end post, I mean. The last few months have been crazy. Oops, or was it the entire year? Cliched as it may seem, we humans are a relentlessly hopeful lot. And so, when COVID showed up early this year, we took it positively – as nature’s way to slow us down, as the silver lining that every cloud has – one that teaches us meaningful life lessons and blah blah blah..

On a lighter, a more wild and whacky note, here are top 5 things that the game changer COVID-19 has been all about:

  1. The Big Bully
    Hasn’t COVID been the tiniest looking, literally microscopic, big bully of 2020? First up, it calls itself COVID-19. Yeah, right, the year is 2020 bro. Then, it scares away people from schools, offices and even playgrounds. And while we the mango people are stranded at home adding calories via our Youtube afflicted cooking marathons in a lockdown, COVID was busy sipping Pinacoladas in the Bahamas, on cruise ships, in the pools and in a free world we once reigned.
  2. The Social Media Celebrity
    Next up, COVID is 1000% narcissist. Little wonder then, it has clinched the Top Social Media Celebrity status month-on-month by being the most talked about, reported and shared about entity in the entire year. It goofed up everything right from the hospitality industry to hyped-up materialism to Donald Trump’s campaign. And trolling hasn’t worked against this sucker. To sum it up, SEO and business acumen needn’t be studied as masters at top business schools to keep fueling the education industry. A tiny virus with humble beginnings is capable of big impact and so are you and me.
  3. The Unwanted Guest
    Number 3, COVID enjoys the notorious reputation of being the unwanted guest. The sort we sneer at, the one we loathe, the one we try to shove off, but never even get close. I bet the world is desperate to cremate the virus. Turns out, it has a 1000 lives. It is the true transformer with mutating strains, an undying positive drive to touch every body, in the least possible time.
    Notes to self – Try being like COVID, make a difference to every living being you meet, albeit, in a positive way. Defy perceptions like human memory is short-lived.
  4. The Time Travel Genie
    COVID-19 has made time travel possible. I am 30 years younger. The world seems exactly like it used to be when I was a kid. No eating out, no new clothes except festivals, no make-up.. and birthday parties with family only. The cherry on the cake – I am now able to see my family and friends on a video call. Not that whatsapp and zoom were born yesterday. But it is COVID that made me feel like I am a part of Star Trek – a series I enjoyed as a kid. A series that had put me in awe and left me wonder struck how people could see others eons away and talk to them.
  5. The Innovation Trigger
    COVID-19 has changed the way we live. With lost jobs, work from home and great internet speeds, 2020 has seen innovation and start-ups like never before. Commercial real estate is now housing ghosts. And homes have turned into home offices and HBL venues.

Undoubtedly, this year has been all about working our ways around the virus. It has scared us, we have stressed out the front line workers and research scientists to give us the finally out vaccine. It has jolted us and shaken us from our cocktail sipping, cushy, mediocre lives and asked – What is the purpose of this madness?

And if you thought this question is finally the light at the end of a dark, dingy tunnel of rat race, and you will find your purpose… sit back, relax and stop giving yourself any credit. Because no matter how much we cooked, no matter how well we gardened and guzzled down organic produce, and how much we read, worked out or zoomed, we are patiently waiting for the world to go back to the non-neo-normal, where we will get onto our hedonic treadmills instantly, prove right that human memory is short-lived and be on an eternal quest for a happily ever after. The light at the end of this tunnel is nothing more than a train approaching from the other side. In the meanwhile, let Netflix be your quick fix and let Corona Extra Strong extend the battery life of your bored brain cells while you countdown to a merry 2021.

P.S. This year has come to an end. I am so glad. I wish tomorrow morning feels like a page flipped, never to go back to it. What about you?

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