Discovering Myself in 21 Days – Day 15

The more we stay together, the merrier we’ll be, or more connected we’ll be? Staying indoors has quadrupled my time on social media. It is such a vicious circle. You click, post, comment and repeat. There is an alternate universe out there – crammed by fragmented minds. Over the past two weeks I have expended more mental energy online compared to any real calories burnt.

End result – compulsive obsession with COVID-19 numbers; perpetual competition on posting droolicious food pics on Wapp and Insta and experiencing eternal oblivion towards the only real people I coexist with – husband and kids, who by the way still have a life. Yes, there are mails to be answered and homework to turn in.

No matter how much I meditate, my mind is forever flirting with the phone. It’s like an extra marital affair and it is damaging. I am so glued to online conversations and soul satiating gossip, there is a thin line of difference between being real and only in the mind. And where is this taking me?  Make a wild guess. Are you in the same boat too? Hello stranger.

But like they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Over the past many days, my subconscious has been constantly changing the DORSCON (Disease Outbreak Response System Condition) level from Green to Yellow followed by Orange and finally staying Red to date. I have to admit, when my soul questioned my integrity, I had no choice but to stop, look, listen and take action.

As a result, starting today, I have imposed a curfew on my online time. I am going gadget free daily from 1-5pm and 12midnight-9am. No matter how many chats await my response, no matter how much gossip I miss. I am breaking up with this infatuation. It’s the only way to get over this ex. Not friendzone it but give it a cold shoulder. Out of sight is out of mind.

I have decided to call the curfew time as My Happy Hours. A time to sleep, meditate, read real books and indulge with the merry souls that surround me.

If the situation gets out of hand and I need to rip my hair off, I will use the phone to make real calls and speak to real people. Better still, I will strum the guitar till my fingers bleed, so what if it isn’t the Summer of 69’ anymore (if you are a millennial, please Google Bryan Adams). But I will maintain discipline.

It’s time to abide by social distancing from social media too. Sounds phoney? Try me. Feel free to text me if you find me abusing my Happy Hours.


Today’s Lesson:  Maintain safe distance even from social media. It helps to stay focused and expend energy on activities in the real world. Enforce strict curfew hours called My Happy Hours and put them to productive use – spending time with family or self.


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