Self Discovery in 21 Days – Day 9

The recent virus spread seems unstoppable. Life has never seemed so fragile before. Which makes me think, if today was my last day on this planet, what would I do?

Would I look for a new job? Feel sad for all my failures? Compare myself to all those better off? Or would I rather feel grateful for a life well lived, count my blessings for all the souls that gave me love and spend the last breaths in the company of my loved ones? And yes, try making a few Zoom calls to say goodbye?

Fact is, even if they wish to, people are dying alone and spending the last moments of their time yearning for family. Plenty aren’t even privileged to funeral by family members. What then could be the most important thing to do?

The super moon tonight shone in all it’s glory showed me the way. All you have is today. So seize this day. Live in this moment. Love all you can, dream all you can and if you have children, play all you can. If you have a spouse, talk to them. You may discover an all new person you haven’t met in years, who has been evolving in the garb of appearing busy and on call all the time. If you have parents, cook for them, pamper them. For they once did that for you.

But most of all, stay home, and shine from where you are – just like the moon. Everything else can wait. And while you wait, work on that which makes you joyful.

After many days of contemplation, I am finally starting with online storytelling. So if the end is near, I’d rather say goodbyes telling stories, cooking those special dishes, spending time with family and being who I am.

Today’s Lesson: Live life king size. Be in the moment. You never know when it’s time to leave.

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