Discovering Myself in 21 Days – Day 5

Life always has a way of taking us by surprise. Not in times like these, you might think. This morning, we received a call from our landlady. She made us an offer to reduce the rent partially for the next three months.

“This is our support to you during these trying times”, she mentioned. I froze in time for a moment. Did she really utter those words?

We are overcome by feelings of gratitude. What a beautiful gesture! We thanked her immensely but turned the offer down. Smiles haven’t left us all day.

A few months back, my daughter used an original line on her school composition, ‘Joy is not just in receiving, but also in giving’. The meaning of this line presented itself to me this morning. During these trying times, plenty of us feel responsible and contribute for causes we believe in.

But to think of your tenant as someone who may also need help is novel. Who says magic doesn’t exist? The magic of touching another’s heart by extending kindness never goes out of fashion.

As a direct impact, a contribution to the PM Care Fund that had been playing on our minds all these days, finally got struck off that ToDo list.


Today’s Lesson: Joy is not just in receiving, but also in giving. Whether it is money or time or an act of kindness; because that’s what makes a fulfilling life.

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