Discovering Myself in 21 Days – Day 4

Singapore weather can truly take you by surprise. One minute the sun shines bright while dark clouds cast a spell the very next. This morning started off all cloudy. But the most magnificent sight was a double rainbow. I was only able to capture the fading bit. But it left me with a million dollar smile.


The wintry cool dark clouds, the hidden sun and the colorful rainbow made me nostalgic. Over the years we have spent plenty such mornings hiking in the greens amid naturally coexisting flora and fauna.


As the day unfolded, the country heard the Prime Minister’s address regarding more stringent measures to fight COVID-19 kicking in from 7th April. We decided to distance ourselves from the outside world asap. As a result, kids skipped playground.


And then it just struck me, life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. We spend all our lives preparing for bigger battles, greater quests and difficult, unforeseen times. Like the virus. We value the sweet taste of success that comes from attaining the difficult or the challenging. It feels just like witnessing the rainbow.


However, we forget about the sun which is omnipresent; without which life wouldn’t exist. It is the everyday ordinary, the routine, the habit patterns that make us who we are. Temporary failures are just like a handful of successes that come and pass. True, they mark the highs and lows just like the yo-yo. But they shouldn’t define who we are.


So I decided to make amends to my daily habits by taking new steps. I added some exercise to my home routine. Next, we compensated children’s outdoor time by playing an hour of dumb charades instead of giving in to gadgets.


As another day comes to a close, I realise what a roller coaster ride today has been. Starting with a vibrant morning but ending on a quieter note.


Today’s Lesson: Life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Some days bring out rainbows but the sun shines tirelessly every single day giving us the gift of life.

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