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It is that time of the year, when the world looks merry. Christmas lights are up around the city, schools are shut and after a whole year of waking up at 5.30 am, I get to go alarm-free and see daylight only when my body signals it can sleep no more.

The girls are buzzing with excitement. They have fun on mind. And their favourite pass-time is something they both came up with last year, “HELP OFFICE”. This is how it works, they hijack the study room and put up a board that reads, ‘HELP OFFICE’. They add useful details like timings and nature of work. They set their work desk and helpers (their stuffed toys). They tune in the radio while the aircon runs full blast to cool the room. December heat is unbearable after all! When they are ready, the little tin soldier comes up to me to inform me about services offered. She is the official door knocking salesman.

“So, you can come to us in case of any problems and we will help solve them”.

“What kind of problems do you solve?”, I enquire.

“Okay, so if you cannot pee, you must not come to us. You go see the doctor. But lets say, you can’t find a pen, you can come to us and we will lend you one for the time being while we help you look for your lost item. If your leg hurts, we won’t give medicines. We will help you find the doctor and tell you how to get there. And you must come with a real problem. This is not a game, okay?”, goes the little representative of the business.

Just when I cannot stop my giggles, I hear the boss, the almost 11 year old announcing in the distance, “Help Office starts at 12 noon. So drop by!”

The 7 year old runs to me one last time and whispers, “If we solve your problem, you must pay us”.

And then I ask them to have a bath first because I don’t like to enter an office that stinks.

The little big boss announces again, “Even the people working at Help Office need to listen to their mothers!”

P.S. While the little one takes bathing seriously and is already in the shower, the older one runs up to me and says, “Could you please explain Monu what a partner means. She tells me she is the Boss and that she can fire me anytime”.

Being a parent may be tough and tiring and ridiculously demanding. But it’s times like these make up for all the effort. Parenting is the best way to relive your childhood in an all new setting. And some things never change – sibling rivalry, envy, domination – the life skills we all need.

Now, I need to think of a real problem, which by the way cannot be folding laundry, cleaning closets, throwing old school books or answering the door. It has to be interesting enough to look like a problem worthy of an original, creative solution. So if you have any ideas, bring them on.